The Damned and Path to Damnation

Happy Sunday! I have a couple of things to talk about today 🙂

First up is the first two books in the Tuck Houston series: I have recently gotten the rights back to the first two Tuck Houston books~ The Damned and Path to Damnation. Those books are already down on several retail sites and over the next week or so they will be down on all of them. You may see the paperback version of The Damned up on Amazon or B&N but over the next few weeks those will be gone as well. I plan on self-publishing these two books in the near future~ The Damned is with an editor at the moment. I am giving these books a freshen up before releasing them. I already have new covers, which I will reveal in the coming weeks 🙂

The audiobooks are still live because those rights belong to me. But as much as I love them, I will be taking those down as well. I plan on having those redone because the books will have some changes.

Second: These are not easy times we are living in right now. With the pandemic and the panic, most of us have high anxiety levels at the moment. Books and music are a great way to relax and calm the nerves. I will be having another giveaway soon (I just had a birthday one!), so stay tuned for that.

Please take care of yourselves as well as each other. The only way we will get through this is together ❤ ❤ ❤

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