The Duchess is LIVE!

That’s right- today is the day! The Duchess is now available for purchase and I’m so happy you all finally get to see Delilah and Milly’s next adventure. It’s a dark one, and quite rough 🙂

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A high ‘Lady of the Court’, that’s what one newspaper called the large stone building that had once housed prisoners no one else wanted—the mentally and physically ill. That’s how it became known as The Duchess. It was meant to be a safe place for the patients, who were both gifted and non-gifted. But something went terribly wrong. Angry spirits attacked the living and many died within the stone walls before it was closed down.

The newest owner wants the building cleansed of the darkness. She calls in Delilah Isles and Milly West to do the job. It doesn’t take long for the two gifted women to realize that something is exceptionally Dark at The Duchess. Abuse of both the mentally and physically ill is ripe in the air and both of them see and feel the damage done to those who dwelled within the building. Abuse that was still happening to the ghosts trapped inside. The more they dig, the worse their findings get.

Their client is giving them three weeks to do the job, but they soon realize they have far less time than that. The dead and the Dark won’t leave easily, and they will stop at nothing to finish what they started in life.


I do hope you all enjoy this chapter of the Isles and West Mysteries! I did not take it easy on Delilah and Milly in this book. They go through a great deal- both personally and with the case. Of course, they work for N.E.S.S., which means taking care of dangerous ghosts and the Dark are what they do for a living 🙂

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