New Short Story!

A new release? What’s this?  A FREE short story for you to read!

The Beesville Massacre is now LIVE!


Nineteen-year-old Jenner has spent most of his life being involved with Beesville Troop 107—a group that teaches boys survival skills and how to be a useful member of society. The Bee Hive, as the Troop’s campground is known, is his favorite place to be. In truth, it’s the only place he’s ever felt at home.

But one mistake too many leads to the loss of the one thing that brings him joy—being part of the troop. Filled with anger, Jenner vows revenge.

This is his troop, and his camp, and no one is taking it from him.

NOTE: it is up on Amazon for $0.99, because unless you are exclusive to KDP, it’s not easy to price it at free. However, I do have an email out to them and am trying to get it for free. If you want it on Kindle, here is the link, but please be aware that it is currently NOT free there.